Thursday, 13 May 2010

Star Scaffolding

My current project is a complete renovation of the exterior of a beautiful Victorian residence in Wednesbury, West Midlands... quite a large undertaking, the new owners have decided that the incumbent colour scheme is not quite to their liking and have charged me with the task of a comprehensive colour change and substrate overhaul.

This posting is not primarily concerned with my work, however. I want to take this opportunity to write a testimonial for Star Scaffolding. My client sourced the scaffold themselves. When I arrived "on site" yesterday morning, a team of three scaffolders were already there discussing the job in hand. They were well aware of the outline project plan and began by asking me the finer details of what I wanted and needed from the project.

The scaffold was constructed promptly with much discussion about the best way to get around certain aspects of my requests.

I can honestly say, that it is, by far, the best scaffold that I have ever worked from; it feels incredibly safe and all health and safety needs have been adhered to... there is a good amount of "gap" from the wall so that I can perform my tasks, and the four lifts have been assembled as per my brief.

It is so refreshing to happen across such a professional team of scaffolders and a company such as Star Scaffolding. I shall unreservedly recommend them in the future.

More details about this project will follow in a later posting.