Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Posh Paint

I am extremely pleased and proud to announce that M. J. Guest Ltd. has been accredited a "Professional Distributor" of the Morris & Co., Sanderson and all Little Greene Paint Company ranges of paint.

With a real commitment to the environment, These brands offer ranges of paint finishes with unequalled depth of colour and 40% more pigment than many ordinary paints.

For exterior and interior decorating, Little Greene's paint palettes include historic colours researched with English Heritage, and striking compemporary shades. Together they give the true Colours of England.

These high quality paints will be specified throughout my own client work. Additionally, I will be offering a dedicated paint supply facility to the West Midlands area.

For information, please contact me on 07940 111516. or email mjguestltd@hotmail.com.
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Friday, 20 March 2009

Georgian Revival...

The first of a small two stage project, involving the renovation of the guest bedroom in an incredibly beautiful Georgian property (c. 1851) in Erdington.

The room was stripped and part plastered prior to the commencement of the work - the "original" plaster was in a poor state, however, once lined with Wallrock 55 my client was delighted!

The "feature" wall was lined and hung with a Morris & Co., Red House paper (c. 1910) portraying an understated Art and Crafts feel.

The next stage of the project (to be completed in May) will entail renovating the skirting - which is seriously needy - priming and painting the ceiling and walls with a further two coats of emulsion.

To further enhance the "feel" of the room, I will be graining two of the doors to lend an early 1900's fingerprint.

Many thanks to John Charles Interiors in Edgbaston for recommending M. J. Guest Ltd.
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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Art Nouveau in Walsall

Lincrusta Art Nouveau adorns the walls of this stunning 1920's property in Walsall.

Thorough preparation work was undertaken prior to installation of the Lincrusta; repair, seal and cross line all walls. 60 Art nouveau panels were then applied - complimenting perfectly the original oak parquet flooring.

An oil based primer and 2 coats of Farrow & Ball oil based eggshell then followed with a dry brush effect in a complimentary hue - giving a slightly "antique" look.

The finished project has a real Arts & Crafts signature. The clients' oak furniture and copper ornaments further endorses this story.

A project to be proud of...
Lincrusta, Lincrusta Glue,RD 1961 Gothic Dado, RD1583 Elizabeth, RD1650 Georgian Panel, RD1888 Sophia, RD1956 Amelia, D1960 Acanthus,
RD 1805 Crichton, RD 1827 Lin enfold, RD 1843 Sea Grass Matting,RD 1860 Cordage,RD 1873 Caprice,RD 1893 Chequers,RD 1902 Cane,
RD 1903 Villa Louis, RD 1946 Francesca Frieze,RD 1947 Anne Frieze, RD 1948 Cameo Frieze,RD 1949 Adelphi Frieze,RD 1950 Edwardian Dado,
RD 1952 Italian Renaissance,RD 1954 Byzantine,RD 1955 Adam Frieze, RD 1957 Empire Frieze,Rd 1958 Diana Frieze, RD 1959 Seville Dado,
RD1639 Lincrusta Border,RD1640 Lincrusta Border,RD1951 Art Nouveau Dado, RD1953 Lincrusta Border

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Francesca and the Edwardian

"Francesca and the Edwardian" might well sound like an Agatha Christie novel, but in fact were two components in the renovation of a beautiful 1900's hallway.

The transformation from bare plaster (in poor order) to the above photograph took five weeks; walls and ceilings were repaired, and cross lined with Wallrock 55 then treated to three coats of Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion. Woodwork and all six doors took four coats of firstly Permaglaze Undercoat and then Crown Full Gloss brilliant white gloss.

Below dado, Lincrusta Edwardian Dado was installed - 30 complete panels, and below cornice Lincrusta Francesca... both patterns were primed with the appropriate primer and received 3 further coats of oil based eggshell.

The complete project is a triumph - creating a modern feel within a traditional setting