Friday, 20 March 2009

Georgian Revival...

The first of a small two stage project, involving the renovation of the guest bedroom in an incredibly beautiful Georgian property (c. 1851) in Erdington.

The room was stripped and part plastered prior to the commencement of the work - the "original" plaster was in a poor state, however, once lined with Wallrock 55 my client was delighted!

The "feature" wall was lined and hung with a Morris & Co., Red House paper (c. 1910) portraying an understated Art and Crafts feel.

The next stage of the project (to be completed in May) will entail renovating the skirting - which is seriously needy - priming and painting the ceiling and walls with a further two coats of emulsion.

To further enhance the "feel" of the room, I will be graining two of the doors to lend an early 1900's fingerprint.

Many thanks to John Charles Interiors in Edgbaston for recommending M. J. Guest Ltd.
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