Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Art Nouveau in Walsall

Lincrusta Art Nouveau adorns the walls of this stunning 1920's property in Walsall.

Thorough preparation work was undertaken prior to installation of the Lincrusta; repair, seal and cross line all walls. 60 Art nouveau panels were then applied - complimenting perfectly the original oak parquet flooring.

An oil based primer and 2 coats of Farrow & Ball oil based eggshell then followed with a dry brush effect in a complimentary hue - giving a slightly "antique" look.

The finished project has a real Arts & Crafts signature. The clients' oak furniture and copper ornaments further endorses this story.

A project to be proud of...
Lincrusta, Lincrusta Glue,RD 1961 Gothic Dado, RD1583 Elizabeth, RD1650 Georgian Panel, RD1888 Sophia, RD1956 Amelia, D1960 Acanthus,
RD 1805 Crichton, RD 1827 Lin enfold, RD 1843 Sea Grass Matting,RD 1860 Cordage,RD 1873 Caprice,RD 1893 Chequers,RD 1902 Cane,
RD 1903 Villa Louis, RD 1946 Francesca Frieze,RD 1947 Anne Frieze, RD 1948 Cameo Frieze,RD 1949 Adelphi Frieze,RD 1950 Edwardian Dado,
RD 1952 Italian Renaissance,RD 1954 Byzantine,RD 1955 Adam Frieze, RD 1957 Empire Frieze,Rd 1958 Diana Frieze, RD 1959 Seville Dado,
RD1639 Lincrusta Border,RD1640 Lincrusta Border,RD1951 Art Nouveau Dado, RD1953 Lincrusta Border