Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lincrusta - A Totally Natural Product

First manufactured at Sunbury-on-Thames before production moved to Darwen in 1918, Lincrusta is a classic product which has never needed "improving", made from totally natural materials.

Now manufactured in a purpose-built unit at Morecambe, Lancashire, it is produced traditionally using many of the original rollers, with the same care and attention to detail as when it was first made!

Lincrusta, one of the first "eco-friendly" British made products, manufactered since 1877.

Apart from its use in general domestic and commercial applications over the years, Lincrusta has been used extensively in ships, yachts, railway carriages, trams and cars.

Notable uses include 6 luxury cabins on board "The Titanic", Nicholas Cage's yacht, as well as in famous buildings such as "The White House", Roseland Cottage and John D. Rockefeller's house in New York City.

Image; Addition techinique on Acanthus, created at Index 2008, Dubai