Wednesday, 21 January 2009

EcoDecorators Association

We are pleased to announce that M. J. Guest Ltd. has been accredited with membership of the EcoDecorators Association. A totally not-for-profit organisation primarily representing Painters & Decorators who already use, or who are happy to use, Eco-Friendly alternatives to the more mainstream (solvent-based) Paints & Wallpapers.

2010 EU Paint solvent Regulations: these EU- ratified changes started in earnest from 2004 & the next big changes due are in the permitted Paint VOC (solvent) levels & are due to take effect in 2010 in the UK & EU.

These 2010 regulations will effectively ban many types of paints, varnishes, stains and most thinners currently sold nationwide in DIY outlets, trade shops, garden centres, etc. Wallpaper manufacture will be similarly affected.

Traditional “Gloss paint”, as you now know it, will, for all practical purposes, be outlawed and will no longer exist.

As a member of the EDA, M. J. Guest Ltd. are informed and in many cases are already working within and exceeding the 2010 regulations.

For more information about the EDA, go to;