Monday, 29 September 2008

Euroart Shanghai

How to show 30 people who don't speak English how to install Lincrusta in 3 hours;

In a room full of designers, decorators and sales people in Euroart's showrooms and offices in Shanghai, I stood infront of a projector screen listening to Lincrusta's Brand Manager talk about Lincrusta's heritage, durability and flexibility. The out of body experience me, saw the real me standing there, holding a piece of Gothic Dado RD1961... A blur of activity and translation and a wall with straight lengths, internal and external angles was preped, hung, finished and primed ready for base coat.

Things to remember; Always line the substrate. the substrate itself must be sound, dry and free of dust and grease... Allow the Lincrusta the appropriate time to soak, use a felt roller to apply pressure to the product, get one from A. S. Handover Ltd.

That's how.