Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cameoid in Caversham

Working on this project was a joy - the Cameoid ceiling covering - an early Lincrusta derivative, (pictured top), was in a pretty bad state, following water damage from a dripping pipe from the bedroom above. Over time the water had spread to almost the width of the room, which then, of course, formed mould.

I was tasked by my clients' insurance company to restore the Cameoid ceiling covering back to it's original glory.

Firstly, I removed any damaged Cameoid that was still on the ceiling (not too much!) then cleaned the substrate down with a 5:1 solution of bleach to kill the surface spores. The back of the covering was cleaned and any remaining mould was "removed'. Next, the long strips of the covering were cut into manageable lengths (cut across the pattern) and reinstalled to the ceiling with Lincrusta LG100 adhesive.

Once the joints were dressed and finished, the ceiling received 2 coats of Brilliant White emulsion (pictured bottom).

I hope you will agree; a beautiful restoration on a unique historical ceiling covering.
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