Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Distemper Delight

I was fortunate enough to be recommended to the owner of a beautiful mansion house, dating back (in parts) to the 12th Century. The project was to replace an existing paper on the ceiling of the master bedroom - a Georgian proportioned room.

The room's dimensions were 24ft square and the ceiling was 15ft high - as you can see a considerable amount of "plant" was necessary to gain access to the working area.

The ceiling was stripped of its covering to reveal distemper and lime plaster - words which produce a pronounced "tut" into most sentences used when describing them.

The distemper was treated with a wonderful Zinnser's product and Wallrock 55 was applied to ceiling and above picture rail areas. An Anaglypta was used as the top sheet which was later painted with a Crown white emulsion.

I have been invited back to work on further rooms during 2010.