Sunday, 5 July 2009

Georgian Restoration

We were originally asked if we could provide an insurance quotation to redecorate a dining room in a Birmingham Georgian property that had suffered water damage. The client had been informed by an interior designer that the ceiling was Lincrusta, and felt that we were the obvious choice for advice.

Upon inspection, the ceiling did not appear to be an existing pattern. Following a good deal of research with Lincrusta, English Heritage, The Victorian Society and Birmingham City Council, we were able to identify the covering as "Cameoid", which was an early Lincrusta-like product (C. 1900).

Once identified, the ceiling covering and substrate underwent a full restoration, which basically entailed cutting around the patterns, removing the covering, dressing and restoring the the covering itself, repairing the substrate and reinstalling the covering to the ceiling... the room will then be fully painted in a appropriate scheme by ourselves, in the near future.

The image you see above is prior to restoration.

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